Before Gaither Homecoming there was
Wills Family Inspirational Time

Lou Wills Hildreth says,
Gospel Music Television Pioneers … The Wills Family and The Inspirationals proudly share with you these original television shows made in 1966-1968, the first gospel TV syndicated series to be produced in color.

A. O. Stinson of the Hal Smith Company in Nashville, Tennessee, produced our shows. As Host of “Wills Family Inspirational Time” I learned much from Stinson. He was also producing The Ernest Tubb Show in Nashville, and packaged our gospel syndication with “ET” in all the major markets across the nation in the sixties.
Billy Hamm was the announcer for both productions.

I wrote the theme song, “Keep A Happy Heart” and it represents the joyful attitude of The Wills Family Quartet and The Inspirationals as we sing the gospel message from our hearts. Be blessed as we share our songs with you! 


DVD features 4 shows with

Wills Family Quartet
The Inspirationals
Junior Wills Family
Betty Wills Stephens

A. B. “Pop” Wills
“Big” Bill Wills

Full Cast Choir

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Wills Family Inspirational Time DVD


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